Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Maturity & Immaturity

Where does immaturity end and its major counterpart begin?

Does maturity begin when you start to assume responsiblities for your own actions and look out to become more responsible in everything you do? Does that mean that you have to become a nerdy fellow and be one of those people who officially turned 'geeky' - in the sense that you don't enjoy doing fun things anymore?

There is a child in one of everyone of us. And that child does at times, and sometimes more than often, ask to be let out of it's cage. And as the saying goes 'all work and no play makes jack a bore'.

The fundamental idea behind life is to always presume that your actions are your own responsibilities - always. And that, whether you choose to do them in a playful manner or seriously, is your business, but that you were already forewarned about the implications any of your actions would make in the near & direct or your far future.

Consequences are a lesson from life to teach you to assume your responsibilities and to help you reach that maturity stage whether or not you feel the urge to get there or not. And while some of us complain about what we would like to do in our fantasies to get a certain situation out of our lives, others take action and assume their responsibilities by changing that very situation they are living in.

The conclusion here, is that there isn't really a date or time or period that is set in time of which you would end immaturity and transform into a mature human being. Its just always there. And it will happen when it will in it's own desired time.


Sara said...

Well very deep!!I dont think that when ur mature u have to let fo off all the fun in life and become a geek!Maturity brings responsiblities and u get more understanding how to deal with them.Well many ppl say when u are mature u dont do childish things and dont make silly mistakes but i dont agree with that!!:)

Sleepless In Muscat said...


Mistakes are always there to be made, I guess and if you DO end up making them, then that's just an addition to the responsibities on your shoulders.

Arabized said...

maturity and immaturity.....hmmm lets see how i can tackle this one.

I think maturity comes from your personal take/views on certain situations. The things you can handle and so forth.

there is a child in all of us, i think thats very true. As older as I get, i still can't get rid of some childish traits.

Like if i see that its raining, i automatically get that impulse to run out in the rain and play.

or if i see green grass, i kick off my shoes and run through it.

or if i see little children, i have to play with them and make a complete and total fool out of myself.
i still get excited over desserts!! (ice cream, cakes, cheesecakes, pies, candy!)

haha ok yea...