Sunday, April 09, 2006

The beginning of the end of the beginning..

The Arab nations, most of all the GCC countries with all their oil surplus gained wealth, are now bent on trying to make their economies a much desireable haven for migrated Arab money in the Western hemisphere of the globe.

While this is a much anticipated move that would increase diversification benefits for the locals and foriegnors alike, it is just as much sought out to be the nation's nightmare, too.

For if we were to take for example, how the West lives in many immense populations using every resource attainable to make use of and drought it out, this is pretty much where we might all end.

Someone said a long time back that global warming could never happen to the Earth's atmosphere because of the many years that it would take for the process to evolve over time and now both polar ice capsules have disendegrated to but a few ice cubes. The Amazon that was once a flourishing habitat of wildlife; animal, insect; reptile and humans, too has now been torn down to half it's original population to the increase in demand of wooden houses in the country side as last shown in a satellite picture not too long ago.

If we were to do the same here in the middle east, taking the United Arab Emirate; Dubai into example and the radical overflow of structual development in highrisers, roads, factories and other recreational facilities all due to the high surge in population demand of which Dubai is aiming at a 60 million mark, then by all means, we are all set on a path to say goodbye to our natural resources from now.

Earth as it is, holds now more than 6 billion people and is already suffering in low resources that barely benefit it's own population. So how do we ever expect, still sticking to the Dubai example, should we ever follow their footsteps that we would compromise for natural resources in our own countries, respectively?

The not too far away earthquakes that had happened in the region in the UAE were not because of a malfunction in Earth's crust along the surface. It was a warning. A warning to head that we should not overcross our borders to defy nature, and most of all, not to defy the logic of gravity that is slowly fading away (i.e.: because the Earth is slowing down there could be a possiblity that gravity would be overcome one day even though it is an unlikely event) of which was set by God Himself.

Mankind must head this warning and slow down on his development plans on breaking up what God built for a reason such as the mountains. Or even furbishing the oceanside with manmade islands that as such take sand and concrete to be their only base.

Although it is something that human beings do not want to see ever happening, amongst which, is this writer, the possibility still stands of the nightmare beginning already.


Andromeda said...

Hi Ali!

How's you?! I've got into a little routine of popping into your blog every morning and having a rummage around your thoughts.

With respect to this one .... basically we are all on a hiding to hell! Man in the main is driven by greed, always wanting more, very rarely content with what they have, never satisfied. Like you said it ain't good news!

The politically correct terminology of 'diversification' is simply another way of finding/making/creating more wealth.

Nature is indeed sending out warnings,though the people who can do something about it i.e Dubba signing the Kyoto agreement to reduce global warming/greenhouse gas emmissions etc does NOTHING. In fact he totally ignores it despite the fact the US has 25% of the worlds population who are responsible for 75% of the accumulated greenhouse gas pollution in the atmosphere to date!!!!!

He is not the only guilty party with blinkers on but could certainly make a HUGE difference to climate change and the world.

I have found in life that everything comes at a cost. This cost in alot of respects will not be felt by the current generation but our children, our childrens' children and so on.

What's the point of creating more money/more wealth if there will no longer be a world to enjoy it in?!!!

It is all terribly selfish and all terribly sad.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

What's the point of creating more money/more wealth if there will no longer be a world to enjoy it in?!!!

very well said... and I could not agree with you more...

fact is that not only are we retaining resources for ourselves but we are also forceably making nature to try and give us more than it can ...which is a sheer impossiblity..