Saturday, March 17, 2007

consumer protection day - Omani style

So, it's not enough that prices all over the Sultanate are driving consumers mad and crazy to the point that we all have to think a gazillion times over what we buy, why we should buy it and how much it would set us back - but there's also going to be a 'celebration' to mark World Consumer Protection Day, here in Muscat at the Holiday-Inn Hotel, Al Khuwair.

What to know what the programme is for that day in that particular sight?

Well, let's see, an opening speech by His Excellency, the Minister of Muscat Municipality; a small documentary about consumer protection; giving away awards for the 4th annual drawing competition - 'my favorite picture' and meeting the talented youngsters at different Muscat governate schools, and 4 lectures about consumer protection.

All so sweet.

But having in consideration the deep escalation of the consumer protection laws that are being violated on a daily basis, maybe they should have put into their mind that they should have dedicated that day to addressing that certain topic.

If you're interested in attending that session, it's at the Holiday-Inn at Al-Khuwair and it starts at 9am on Saturday, 17th March, 2007.


- Consumer Protection 'gathering' - in Arabic.


Per Your Request said...

sounds interesting. Wish I could be there. Thanks for keep me in touch with whats happening.

Balqis said...

lol Ali I was thinking of you while reading about it on the Observer
I thought "he will be happy now " :p

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Per Your Request:

Happy to oblige. :o)


I wasn't the least bit happy when I read that article. I got so damn pissed off that our government isn't budging at this epidemic.

But thanks for thinking of me at the time. It was.. sweet. :P