Friday, March 23, 2007

Horizon newsletter: The Truth About Seeking Education

Below is the new forward that you will end up seeing in the Horizon English language newsletter of the Sultan Qaboos University.

Hope you all enjoy reading it.

Please do tell me what you all think about it.


The Truth About Seeking Education

The truth - we all seek the truth, someway. And somehow, we get it and don't get it at the same time. But, how is that possible?

It pretty much depends on what you seek it for; is it for passion? For glory? For fame? Or just for the sake to be more educated on the 'purpose' behind such a thing (i.e.: whatever it is you are aiming for)?

Your drive for truth is the push that will get you where-ever it is you may want to be. But, it will also be the preceptor - in this case - to how you will comprehend the fact that you stand upon.
The point, though, is that educating one's mind in that sense is to find the actual fact that will open up the gates for further questions and along the way, answer some of them, too.

There is but one way to stay upon the track that you should take, and that is through a book. A book with relevance to the question in mind; the answer you seek and the method or paths that you should so take. But how do you know a book will not deceive you? Technically speaking, it can't. But the author behind it could.

That is why we must have a bright mind to fathom the mental conspiracy that any book's author will want to manipulate to their advantage. No matter how attractive the title; or the topic; or the words may actually be when they are being read.

God gave us a mind to understand and differentiate between what is right and wrong. Therefore, we must be able to utilize that ability to understand what truly the underlying matter, is, within a book.

Or else, we will go astray and lose sight of our true path of which we seek.


alex said...


"It pretty much depends on what you seek it for"


Sleepless In Muscat said...


Yes it does.