Friday, March 30, 2007

walking on very thin ice

What Iran has come to do after the escalation from a US stand off for a potential war on the state by capturing 15 seamen off the Gulf of Iran was stupid and uncalled for.

If this is to be translated into anything, it would be 'come and get them' and that would be by taking the Bull by its horns.

I was one who was hoping that things would not end up to become to the situation that it is of now; by bringing in the international community and sentencing Iran to oblivion - in a matter of speaking. They may have the nuclear capabilities, but they're not only inviting the entire world to a stand off by their irrational and baby-like behavior but they are also going to bring in the world into the GCC a future so glim and gloomy that God only knows how it would end.

Nuclear winter, perhaps?

What does the future hold from now on?



- Iran releases new 'Turney letter'

- Iran airs second sailor 'apology'


moviemania said...

I just hope that stupid **** Ahmedinejad comes to his senses (if he has any) and realizes that all this is crap and that he can never hope to win.

He's screwing all Iranians over the world because of his stupid, irrational statements and decisions.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

and he's repeating history all over again - look at what happened to Saddam's regime.

Honestly, if he wants to get screwed, I know a couple of people who would do so gladly and for free too! :D