Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Horizon SQU newsletter: The Stress of Exams

This is the said article that should be appearing in the next foreword of the Horizon Newsletter at the Sultan Qaboos University.

Personally, I think it is the weakest out my articles ever to come but I have chosen to post it to ask that you point out it's every weakness or perhaps alternative routes to which the article could have been brought forward.

Again, I apologize for such a low standard.

Everyone has to go through some sort of exam as they progress on in their lives because exams are considered to be the point whereby an individual tests the knowledge that they gained throughout a certain time or period. This is for them to be qualified to move on to the next level of their self development program.

The difference with these types of exams is that students have to study so they can past them by going through a series of questions that test their knowledge in their field of expertise; whether it is in business; agriculture; medicine or even computer science.

Many students deal with tough situations in their own unique way, either by stressing it out further and giving it more attention than it actually deserves whereas they should be calming down the stressful thinking process that they are going through by merely dealing with the situation in the way that it is – nothing more; nothing less.

Although, to be honest, the difficulty with any subject dealt with is not within the questions; nor the amount of time given to finish the paper but rather it is – in a large proportion – related psychologically to the student’s mental state. Simply put: the anxiety level of the person being examined is the ruling power in this position. If you find yourself at a weak point during the exam, then the proper thing to say is that you have studied this and that it is just going to come back to you sometime later during the exam. That way, you are convincing yourself not to stress out on the paper and actively pushing yourself through the positive path to remember that forgotten piece of information.

As is the famous Arabic saying ‘when its time for an exam; an individual is either convicted or appreciated’, that a student, through an exam shall succeed or fail.


Anonymous said...

i think its really bad.

Youre talking to university students, not 1st elementary kids.

i think they all know what an exam is and what it does and what they go through.

Think deep. These kids need "enlightment".

Sleepless In Muscat said...

The purpose of the argument behind the article was to present the many different ways of tackling the stress of exams.

And in my experience, not many people share the knowledge to that solution.