Saturday, March 31, 2007


Tomorrow I'm starting my new course with a workshop that'll have me locked up there from 9am to 7pm on intensive English language lessons in ELTS. Can you believe that I actually have to go through with this? I'm not saying my English is perfect but its not excatly the type that is widely spoken by the Omani nationals.

I'm considering it a pass-by event. A very long event.

We met up on the charity project that I mentioned in one of my posts that includes fund raising for charitable cause in a fun way through awareness. The most likely candidate is the NACA - the National Association for Cancer Awareness.

We've still got a lot on our hands to start with; we're moving slowly yet steadily.

TheWeek doesn't seem like it wants to post my 2nd article for some reason as I had sent them it some 3 weeks back and emailed them various times and still no reply. I still hold hope in that department, though.

I am going to be also working on two poetry book projects that includes translation of Rapidly Blue and Wonderous World into one Arabic poetry anthology. It seems more appropriate this way because the Omani market has more taste for Arabic books than of ones in the English language.

The second book project that is currently under the title The Dying Days will be the last of the Rapidly Blue anthology. Aiming to put an end to all the misery that I have had in my entire lifetime for once and for all.

Both book projects will take a long time to develop, so don't expect them anytime soon.

And I guess that takes care of my thoughts for this evening..