Sunday, March 25, 2007

ya think?

Apparently, it's taken them this long to come to their senses.

Yes.. the Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Regional Municipalities has finally announced that they're conducting a study to develop several damns in the Qurum commercial area here in Muscat. Which happens to have had its more than fair share of the recent floods in the last few downpours in the rainfalls.

This often ranged from the complete drown of the whole area at one time during the 1990s; and another time late last year (i.e.: 2006) which lead to breaking down the newly built super-high Royal Oman Police wall of the immigration department and floodwater taking away some of the police cars away from its sanctuary.

And now, not some two nights ago, when it put the whole Sultanate to a complete halt from one corner to the other.

When these damns will see the light of day is anyone's best guess though. We are all hopeful that it would be before the end of this year but even we know that that would be pushing it. So the safest bet would be sometime next year - we hope.



- Consultive Study to build damns in the Qurum area (in Arabic)