Thursday, March 08, 2007

virtue & reason

Let me say very frankly that I am getting very tired of the life that I live.

It's not frustration anymore but merely feeling tired from the routine that I live by while I have found my true calling in writing articles and the such amongst a number of things that I am getting also prepared to do very soon - I have yet to discover the full potential of my existence on God's green Earth.

The reason why I was created, if you may.

And as of yet, I have not found it. It makes sad to feel that feeling every single night on my own with only me to talk to about my own thoughts.

If patience is a virtue, and life always has a reason - then, to what reason is this virtue?

Update: I wish I was never born.


goodie girl said...

the reason for this virtue, of patience, is to reveal it by our actions to others . . . so that our actions become concentric waves engulfing and changing the minds of those who have no patience. . . .

ok, that's my guess. :)

secure said...

afaaa.. meb chee 3ad.. if you weren't born who wouldve we always read for =) ... one of the reasons of you being is that your writings always add joy to me and your thoughts do make a change, and i guess thats what is important =)
cheer up and enjoy the weekend =)

Per Your Request said...

Dear SIM,
Our generation has become accustomed to immediate results. We want answers at a click of a mouse, we want to be able to talk to anyone at anytime, and want to be able to get anything we want at anytime of the day. Everything is available as soon as you think of it. However the issue here is we expect to find our true calling just as quick. Or we want to be able to figure out the meaning of life just as soon as we ask.
The truth is, generations before us already know that this is a life long struggle.
At least you’re trying to find what it is that you’re most passionate about, and how you could contribute the most. You can always take the easy way out and just take a job that only pays the bills.
Finally, your counterparts have the same questions. Some of us act like we know what our “calling” is, but honestly it’s more like we think it might be our calling and life will tell.

Should have probably emailed this!

alex said...

"The reason why I was created"

Don't search for just a single reason, because there are more than a single reason for our existence. Everyday there are reasons; everyday you meet people, influence people, change them, Share happiness etc.

At the end of the day, all these make up your existence.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

goodie girl:

but if our actions are merely a 'cause' then what - say - is the excuse?


sorry. but you don't have me convinced. maybe you could elaborate on a more further broader perspective apart from my writings and articles on this blog?

per your request:


to tell you the truth, you only got half what i was i actually thinking correct. but still the actual matter at hand isn't the calling of my existence but also why actually i do exist apart from my so called 'work'.

ps: why did you want to send this comment in an email? :S


first of all; welcome to my blog.

secondly, the reasons or examples thereof that you so kindly mentioned i have been through and i have been through them so many times of my life that i wish to experience the 'unknown'.

Per Your Request said...

I was going to send it by email because I felt it was a little too long to go on as a comment.

I guess I got it half right due to my preception. I think alex explained it better.

alex said...


One more thing is that, you are in control of yourself and it is you who decide or rather choose which path and options to follow and take.

So essentially, you are the one who makes up your destiny, 'the purpose'. Is is your choice that determines 'the purpose'.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

per your request:

To be totally honest, no one got it fully right - maybe because I never fully explained how I feel.

But, thanks anyhow :o)


choices are only mandatory options that you must take and essentially lead you to the inevitable.

In which case, the inevitable cannot be avoided.