Sunday, March 04, 2007

remember back then?

Remember back when I had posted about the displeasure of the children that had their hands on quad-bikes running around making annoying noises in the neighborhood?

Only two days back this happened: two of the 'pack' passed away in a road accident following a pursuit and arrest by the ROP (as the story has been told). One of the deceased passed away immediately from injuries and the other had passed away by the time they reached the hospital.

Again, unfortunately we find ourselves at the question of whose responsibility was it to prevent this all from happening?

To me, it involves the entire community. The parents of those two children - as much as a tragedy as this is. The ROP for not having taken the law upon these children earlier on in their lives when they had an opportunity to do it without having any fatal consequences. The community because we lent a deaf ear to the noise and just ignored the issue.

Another question that arises is this: what about the others?


Suburban said...

I'm so glad that someone blogged about this. Well done sleepless!

Let me preface this comment by saying that I love quadbiking, mororcycles, and cars. THere is not greater passion (after my husband and daughter) in my life than the love I have for motorsport.

What the hell are the quad bikers doing tearing around in neighbourhoods when we have a country blessed with sand dunes and dirt roads just made for quad biking? THe bausher dunes are no more than fifteen minutes from anywhere in central muscat. It's not like this in NYC or London and there is no where else available for them to ride.

We've got kids and teens on quadbikes racing up and down the streets here in our neighbourhood. THey are a nusance because of the noise and the danger they pose to the hundreds of small children playing in the streets and empty lots. Despite requests from the entire neighbourhood, they have consistently exibited a disregard for the needs of anyone but themselves. I am ashamed to admit it, but when I heard about this yesterday I was secretly hoping it was the ones on my block who died.

The story as I heard it, was that they were caught freewheeling by the ROP, who tried to confront them to stop. On seeing the ROP they tried to escape, eventually running through an intersection, and being crushed by a vahicle that had the right of way and didn't see them coming. As much as I grieve for the parents, it seems that these guys suffered the consequences of thier own actions. Freewheeling where they shouldn't, Running from the police, endangering the lives of others in the course of the chase. Unforgivably selfish actions. I feel the saddest for whomever was driving the car that hit them, he or she will have to live with the image for the rest of thier lives.

We need the Auto CLub or an independant investor to create an environment for motorsport here in the SUltanate. A Drag strip, A track, space for quad biking, and the oppertunity to train drivers and bikers on racing techniques.

OmanforLife said...

I'm shocked that there are no helmet and body protector, age restriction and safe riding area laws that are enforced to the fullest. I'm also so saddened at how many neglectful parents there are when it comes to the safety of their children. Police shouldn't chase anyone at anytime...but then again...Kids should not be allowed to operate large machinery...then again...Parents should know what in the heck their kids are doing.... Then again, there should be laws put in place and awareness programs that help to guide the society. one wants the responsibility? It's a shame that these boys have died...and it's a shame that the innocent motorist has to live with this...and shame on all of us for letting these things happen in front of our eyes with our mouths closed.

muscati said...

One of the kids- the one who died in the hospital- was my cousin. As much as I have been pissed off over the years about parents who allow their kids to drive quads, still to me this is not the time to point fingers. Was it the parents' fault? The police's fault for chasing them? The kids' fault for being irresponsible children? End of the day, we have two dead 15 year old kids, two grieving families, and one poor driver who will live the rest of his live with the image of two dead kids whose deaths weren't his fault but will probably never go away from his mind.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

To all:

I have tried to keep this topic back because of the sensitivity of the timing and effect it would have on the relatives or people who are actually related to the people who suffered tragic deaths.

However, this is by no means just a time to mourn; but also a time to reflect upon whose responsibility and take immediate action about it and seriously may I add.

For waiting would mean allowing them to go back on the streets and the cycle redone all over again. Which is what I have seen in the last 2-3 days with solo quad-bikers roaming alone with barely any protective gear.

We can end the suffering by choosing to cooperate with each other and the authorities in question to stop this from ever happening again.

Let's change it before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

suburban: that is so cruel.
i hope you re-read what you have wrote and wish you never did.

it is a tragedy..and you show zero sympathy or even decency.

as SIM said, lets think around the issue instead of going 'well thank god for that, or i hope it was the two in our neighbourhood' - shame on you.

Suburban said...


Best not to put words in the mouths of others. I never thought "Thank God...."

Not a nice thought, not nice words, but do any of us really live and think above reproach? Unlikely.

You are correct that this was a tragedy, but it was by no means an unforseeable one. THough I feel profound sympathy for the famalies, I don't feel Sympathy for the victims. Much as I wouldn't expect anyone to feel sympathy for me if I killed myself drink driving.

SIM is correct, that this is a time for reflection, evaluation and action, by the community and by the authourities. Pointing fingers or starting flame wars from the comfort of our armchairs will achive little.