Sunday, March 18, 2007

the very best

Does anyone besides me see that the world is truly a boring place unless you see to have some sort of purpose in your life?

Like for instance, a farmer would do no good as a firefighter - although, he would do his very best at becoming that; he just won't get there. There being the one place that you aim to be.

The very best.

You know you're good at something and that you have a knack for being that certain someone that no one else in your shoes could ever be. And you want to know why? Because, deep inside of you there is a talent within that nags right at you to nurture it; to nourish it - to be, again - the very best at you can do.

For me, that would mean not only writing my opinion. That would also mean going beyond writing - understanding, contemplating, discussing, accepting mistakes about whatever stupid image I had over something and changing my path to the better.

Things that would change my perception on my own writing skills; courses, brushing up on my own language by challenging myself over and over again to reach higher heights.

It's things like these that you need to ponder about. To see what you can really do with them. Things that would go a long way in changing your perception about the world that you perceive, you watch; and try to unravel its mysteries to the blinded audience that reads your perspectives.

To be the very best - you would have to challenge yourself.