Sunday, March 18, 2007

Red Nose Day

I remember when I was in the UK way back in the 80's. They had this concept of raising charity money through an annual fund-raising event dubbed Red Nose Day.

Fast forward some 21 years to the year 2007 and they're still at it.

I believed then that it was a great idea not only to raise money, but to create awareness through the community, to help make the social atmosphere become more humane. And I still believe it is just as it was then, it is now.

My question is though; howcome we don't have a similar annual event being us so damn pissed off at our situation and how we want things to change and all that la di da? Isn't it about time that we looked into creative awareness amongst the social community instead of having to make needless tourism festivals that we spend on far more than we get in profit?

The people in their armchairs should be thinking very deeply about this whole issue instead of wasting billions of the annual budget - and I'm not talking about just Oman - on defense upgrades, on luxuries that we don't need.

Think of it as a form of zakat that half of the Arab population don't recognize anymore because they're so busy making millions.


Elagante said...

Fund-raising called red nose hah.. If it was raised her they would have called it SAVE THE WORLD or STOP THE DEATH or even WAKE UP CALL which usually freaks ppl out…

You’ve got the idea, got the energy go ahead and organize it. It just needs a bit of effort from some one.. Let that some one be YOU

Send me an invitation

OmanforLife said...

I'd like an invite as well... And make sure you advertise well in the publications beforehand... ;-)

Sleepless In Muscat said...


not to dampen both your spirits, but how in the world do you expect me - as one person - to do the entire job?

I could be part of a team, that I would agree. But team leader isn't one of my advantages.

Anyone up for suggestions?