Tuesday, March 13, 2007

the golden age

Have you noticed how nowadays we have lost touch of the reality of the life that we should be living? That the actual years that have gone and passed by were of the 'golden age'?

To some, it simply does not matter since the over all case is that they have their friends, their family, their relatives while everything for them is so hunky dory. Others - and they are a lot, of which I am one of them - have this strong sense that since we have began to depend so much on technology in our lives that we have actually lost touch with what is actually important.

The talks that we used to have at a meal. The gatherings. The laughter that we share. The endless arguments that we used to have and live on into the future to have them as memories. Basic intangible things that we used to enjoy but have now taken for granted because technology has made us so busy and distracted with it. Time is so precious these days that we end up chasing our dreams so valiantly yet end up forgetting about the things that gave us the necessary emotional and essential self-esteemed boost that we needed to move on to the next level.

Are you going to be amongst those people who will succumb to such advances in life or will you carry on the legacy of your past and cherish the tradition that has always brought your loved ones together in harmony?