Tuesday, March 06, 2007

God; life; and the ultimate question

So, sure, life isn't all about fun.

Big wow there.

Since when was life about having fun ever since you tuned into puberty and became a man/woman and understood your lifestyle and how you needed to adapt to adjust to the 'developments' in your hermonal system?

But then again, life isn't really all about work either and trying to enjoy every moment and what is there better than fun itself?

Truth of the matter, everyone has a turning in their life where they ask where they are really going on with the path they seek. For men that is usually at their midlife crisis period. For women, almost always (sorry ladies - slight joke).

There is the opinion where people tend to take that individuals are really given the choice they opt for in their lives and it is up to them to make that choice.

That much is pretty much understood and agreed to. But to what end? If God has already planned out your life then He really knows of how you were born and how you will live and how you will end up dead (sooner or later).

So the option in choice is not really there because it is already planned out even if you change your course to go in a certain way anyway you choose, it is still outlined that you will end up going somewhere in your life.

As Muslims we are taught that God has a reason for everything and that the answer as to why human beings live their lives on Earth is because Adam & Eve (Peace Be Upon Them Both) touched the forbidden fruit of Paradise that they were living in and as a punishment, God banished them from Paradise to Earth to spout off mankind. But the story also goes that God heard Adam's prayers for forgiveness and forgave him. So the question takes us back to why create life in the beginning as long as He - the all-knowing - knows all and what will happen later and how Doomsday will come upon us and its timing.

Why create life in the beginning if He knew of everything He had created?

Islam has always told us to ask and this is what I am doing - before you get thoughts about my doubting my own religion.

In Christianity it is known that 'God works in mysterious ways'. And in Islam we are told that God has a reason for everything that we ask of whether that reason is visible to us or not.

This is the one thing I would like to know when I die.