Monday, March 19, 2007

when is someone going to do something?

Honestly, I was so pissed off the last time this happened, that I thought that there would be at least some form of temporary solution put into effect since then - at least - should things such as this happen that it would protect anyone from harm.

But I have been prove wrong, yet again.

This goes to show that there are idiots running the organizations that have anything to do with emergency situations like the latest torrential rains that we had last night in Muscat and all over Oman, too.

When is someone going to do something about all of this?

The horrors you witnessed above certainly show that I am not exaggerating at all.



- English Sabla photos


alex said...

This is horrifying.

What systems have been installed as of now??

But again, is it because of inadequate systems??

Sex and Dubai said...

OMG. We're shocked and appalled. Don't understand why nothing is being done yet - surely there is sufficient funding and technology within the Country or surrounding countries?

moviemania said...

I can't believe this..

Can they actually sit there and do nothing about it?

Horrifying is an understatement.

OmanforLife said...

Inadequate is an understatement. In the area where the trucks are, there used to be a wide wadi that ran down. Now...there is a large wadi where building have been built now it's a bottleneck. There is a tiny little area for the water to get through. Smart city engineering. Seriously...I think someone needs to rethink their career and let someone with half a brain do the city planning. But who in the world will take responsibility? Not I, said the duck...

Sleepless In Muscat said...


So far, they're trying to install the new sewage systems into the Muscat governate area but that will take a really long period time. No temporary solutions have been made so far yet.


Sure there is sufficient funding and technology except only for the 'worthy' projects like tourism and manufacturing projects. But they haven't given any second thoughts to any of these yet.


Unbelievably - they can as you can see from the photos. The ROP is incapable to handle this kind of emergency state, too.


Would you believe it if I told you that some of these people who hold such high positions hold only a post graduate degree or perhaps even a lower case of educational certificate?

Its simply horrific that our entire hands are in these people's retarded hands.