Monday, March 12, 2007


It's amazing the amount of crap that come out of people's mouths these days about the country being so transparent and how modern it wants to be when we don't see what is happening in reality.

I'd rather be telling the truth as I see it than having to lie about my emotions and surrendering in to the 'enactments' made by the imposers just for the sake of those lovely lovely people who call themselves as loyalists to the country and the system to which it is underlying beneath.

There is no transperency in the country when the officials say that they have nothing to hide. But if that were the case, then why not go out in full force by actually saying what is happening and why like the inflation in the country, or the hike in prices in certain goods, or how the country is really playing around the rules (more like dodging the bullets) in the subject of privatizing the telecommunications sector in the Sultanate of Oman (the Minister of Telecommunications heads the TRA, OmanTel & Oman Mobile) but expect the country to have a competitive standard between different companies.

There is no freedom of speech in the country even when there is a law that states as such by a Royal Decree, but the Minister of Information goes on to say that they decline the local media the right to publish such matters but without giving proper reason.

Politically, I have no beef against our leader nor the government, but when there is an annual budget, howcome is it that we don't get to know the reason behind such political decisions instead of having to hear or read about 'strengthening political ties'?

It's like someone saying to me or everyone in that matter who thinks that asking a question is illegal; 'take it or leave it'.

I could go to jail for asking such queries or theorizing based on opinions and facts that are up to date. But I really could not care less. I am in it to reveal the truth and that is, above all, the noblest deed any person can come to.