Saturday, June 02, 2007

are you prepared?

So everyone knows about these traffic procedures that are supposed to simplify the mayhem that one gets into in terms of waiting for the police to come and say to you the obvious 'get a move on' to the next police station to start giving out insurance forms and all that 'push for service' crap.

What most of you don't know is what this policy actually includes in terms of what to do when at a scene of a simple accident. How does one go about these things if one is to perform such a thing and they don't know about it, all?

I, for one, have not been satisfied with such 'preparements' by the Royal Oman Police. And you can put that on the record, too, if you want. Because prior to this life changing decision by the ROP, there was nothing in terms of having the public involved in a Q&A seminar; or have some kind of brochure that would teach us about what exactly the specifics are in this policy, and if they have been circulated, then neither me nor any of the people I know of have been handed one. Which is a sad, sad case.

Or do we have to go through the same thing like they did when they issued the announcement about changing the license plates into alpha-numerical even though ours were just fine. And getting the whole Omani population to pay 20 Riyals for something that they are enforcing.

The whole concept is remarkably going to change the road accident scene over the next 3 months, but has it been thought out well enough to see that the insurance companies will be able to meet the high demand to be able to finish with such a change?

And what about quarrels in the actual cases of having to agree on whose fault it is in the accident? According to the police, you're supposed to move the cars to the side of the road so as not to block road traffic and when they finally arrive, not only is the matter of dispute finished - but you're also given a 35 Rial fine.

So, again, how prepared are we - as citizens and residents of Muscat - for this change?