Monday, June 04, 2007

summer article #1: this is the world we live in

Unfortunately, the time has come for us to think more and more about out actions and what we say and do behind the walls and doors of our own private courts simply because the world we now live in is no longer the world we recognize.

I know that most of you who read my blog regularly would have some kind of questionable look on your faces because of that comment only because I wrote not too long ago on this very blog about me and my philosophical look towards the world we live in by saying that 'the world we live in has not changed, it us who have changed because we are more aware of it now". And that statement stands true today as it stood on that day.

It is because we so much aware of what goes in our lives and the world that surrounds us that we fear the inevitable. The fear of having to come face to face with what we have to in the future - near or far. Thus us trying in every way possible to push it further away.

Some of us take up a hobby to pass the time so as not to think about it. Others enjoy writing on what is on their minds contemplating the troubles that they would have to face in order to find out some sort of solution in the exercise to put at ease the mind's troubles. Others just think on and on and do nothing whatsoever.

No matter what the issue is here, you would rather see yourself running away than looking at the problem eye to eye. Even though you work on the issues that do run in your way, you still end up escaping from the reality that you yourself are trying to get away from.

Look at it this way, you get a job and you start having no time at all for things you want to get focused on. Let's say some rest, some food, some love (the clean type). You end up trying to make some more time in order for yourself to have an escape route show itself in your path so you can route for it at the nearest possibility. That's escapology.

The ill choices concieved by the human mind are the cause of this mental mayhem. They push us to make the mistakes that we wished we never would do. They ask us to do what we said we would never attempt to do unless there was no option. The economy that we live in expects us to be a part of the producing clan. The one who can rise up at 6am come back at 7pm with no complain whatsoever. It expects us to be robots. The type that would push on further and further and always asking for more. Something more of a dream; is it not?

The power to fulfill one's needs is to attain the ability to move in the right direction otherwise your whole mind, body and entire soul might push you to hallucinations, dildrums, and illusions that you are living 'the dream of your life'. Which you are truly not.

The ill choices that we conceive as human beings must be rectified. The expectations that we choose should be our own and not the society's. Not the family's. Not the world's. It should be our own little 'gem'.

Because, in the end, who are we really doing it all for?