Saturday, June 02, 2007

so whose watching them?

There have been a lot of incidents whereby I also got told that I am under a curfew to be at home at a so & so hour or else I would never get the chance to do what I want to do the next time around.

That was back then; when I was still a child.

Fast forward to today..

Now I sit with my friends times and think amongst ourselves about the children that are out on the streets without a leash such as a parent or guardian to look after them should some ill-affair affect them - God forbid.

We ask ourselves where are these childrens' parents from knowing their children's doings and what they are up to and who they stay out with into the late hours of the night?

And what about their growing pains; when they grow up to become the men and women they would be, only to be taunted by the idea that their parents did not pay much attention to them because they were either filthy rich to see over them or perhaps too busy in their careers to look into their welfare.

Who is watching these children before they fall into the pool of deception, deceit and deviousness?