Tuesday, June 05, 2007

updated news bulletin - part 3

Here are the developments so far on the situation of the Sultanate of Oman being in the path of Cyclone GONU:

  • The cyclone has changed its course to move directly towards Muscat and Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Cyclone speed has now been variating between 18-10-14Kmph.
  • The cyclone is on a steady course across the coastline of the Sharqiyah region and has caused large waves that are 10-12 meters high.
  • It was estimated that the cyclone would hit Muscat by 5pm and now offical weather beareu is now saying that it should hit Muscat by nightfall with heavy showers and strong winds.
  • So far there have been no reported casualties or deaths nor loss of property or damage to it as an after-effect of Cyclone GONU.
  • It is predicted that should the cyclone actually come to Muscat that it would bring in 150 mm downpour of rains in a 24 hour period. The last greatest downpour in the history of the Sultanate was during 1977 in Masirah - 400 mm - where 700 lives were claimed.
  • If affected, Muscat residents and citizens would have to sit tight in their homes for no less than 3 days, the longevity period of the cyclone.
  • The Civil Defense Emergency Council has ordered all ministries and companies to give their employees a forced vacation. His Majesty has ordered a vacation in consideration to circumstances in the government sector up until Sunday, 10th June.
  • The General Let. Chief of the Royal Oman Police, Malik Al Maamary, has ordered some 7,000 personnel to be on full alert for emergency needs after the cyclone moves over Oman.
  • Both Seeb and Salalah International Airports will be closed if the situation seems to be detoriating any further within a period of 36 hours.
  • There is a remote possibility that Cyclone GONU will just pass by the coast of Muscat going on towards the Gulf of Oman.
  • All establishments in Oman - as I know and visit - have been shut down, save for the necessities; super/hypermarkets.

Will be updating the blog with a video on the situation soon enough..


Q said...

Hey, I hope everyone is ok and hope this goes through with the least damage possible!

Please keep us posted with developments!

Our prayers (everyone in Kuwait) are with you guys.

Solafa said...

There is some info, saying people who live in athaiba/quram beach coast line houses evacuated
contacted the emergency number
they say": those who live in Seeb if your house >1.5km from sea you can stay home.but with percustions...

The numbers that you can call to confirm and for more infor are:

with the Omani code: 00968 -


Anonymous said...

HI, I'm also in Al-Kuwair.(By Rad Sas.) sort of worried and all. I was told it wasnt going to hit hard in Muscat...but on the English News at 8:30 (oman tv) they said it was comming here again. I'm worried as I have lived through Hurricanes and understand how this can turn out. I only wish they had more news and updates in English. thanks for your blog.

A, A.

Sleepless In Muscat said...


Thank you for your concern. I pray also that everything will pass by easily inshallah.


Thank you for your help in presenting the numbers. I have a relative who has moved to the Madinat Qaboos because we feared for their life and their siblings.


Don't worry about anything. Al Khuwair won't be as much hit if and when this happens. As far the news updates go, it's going to hit Ras Al Hadd in the next 3 hours. They are hoping that it would skew off the coast of Muscat into Iran as it did with the last two predictions they had about the locations it was supposed to hit.

Nothing is final. However, if you still feel unsatisfied call up the police on 9999 and ask about the update in your area.

Just pray that this goes away peacefully.

Stay safe people.

Muslim said...

JazakAllahu khairan for this information.

May Allah bless and protect the nation of Oman.

Praying for Oman from Dallas,TX.

Bhupendra said...

Prayers with you all...!!!!!! My uncle is stuck in one of the hotels and we have absolutely no clue on how ro react to the whole situation....!!!! From what we know in sites there would be more rains in the night..!! has any resuce activity started at all..what abt people stuck in hotels roof top..!!! Feel really aweful ..!! Keep up your spirits...We are all praying for you alll........!!!!!!!!!...BHupi

viral said...

Hello Sir
My brother is there as an employee of Omifco Company. he is leaving somewhere arround SUR... will u please inform me about conditions over there. as per my knowledge he is leaving at 2.5 km away from the sea-shore.. i need some information about there since my whole family is very tense regarding the conditions over there and we are not able to talk to him ....please help

Viral Polishwala
Surat, India

Sleepless In Muscat said...


Inshallah and thank you.


Hopefully your uncle will be alright and thank you for your prayers as we need all the help we may get right now.


Unfortunately, Sur was badly hit during the storm when it passed by it's shores. I have no knowledge so far about the situation there. However, my best advice to you is to pray for your brother and to keep trying to get in touch with him. Since you said he lives 2.5Kms from the shore, he should be fine. My prayers are with you.

viral said...

Hello sir,
Viral here. thanks for you reply... At my home everyone is very tense regarding the news about oman. we are praying to save lives over there. please keep me update about the news of oman since you are there i wish for your goodness as well as pray for all of you...if there is information about the dead people as i come to know that there are 12 people killed by GONU.. So please keep me updated about the news comes there.

Thank You, And God Bless you friend. You are doing great job....
God Bless You

Viral Polishwala

viral Polishwala said...

My Borhter-bhabhi and nephew all are well in Oman. I hope all person are there are fine and wish them all a best luk get fine as soon as possible and the life become normal as it was before....

God Bless U all

Viral Polishwala