Monday, June 04, 2007

me against society

I see no shame in standing up firmly for what I believe in. Even if it means going against the majority. Because - as a friend of mine would have put it - 'I see the facts through my eyes as the truth as does everyone else'.

Personal choices are just those - personal.

That is why I have come to an understanding that the reason I am not moving on ahead with my life is because I have head buried with ideas that inconclusive, illogical, and meaningless.

I have been taking lessons all my life in order to reach other's expectations of me. I have been pushing and fighting for my right to live the way I should and want to. Yet, I still get told that I am still not up to par with the standards set in the minds of the people who think 'so greatly' of me.

I have been pushing forward now to seek society's and community's appreciation that I am a producing individual. But society couldn't care less. In fact, it spits in my face because it is never satisfied.

I live by laws of those who seek materialistic features in their lives more than they do of their own satisfaction of a job well done, or the satisfaction of having to love their job because they actually chose it.

I was one of those, until today.

Today would be the day things in my life are going to change forever. I would see to that. And let no one stand in my way simply because I have in my mind what I would want to do and set forth the path of steadiness and stability in my life.


Anonymous said...

May God bless you in all that you choose to do.

Degoat said...

good luck joe..
A man gotta do what a man gotta do..
so does the same go to women..


OmanforLife said...

hmm...I'm so curious as to what it is that you are setting out to accomplish? Go against the your own man...I love it. We need more of that kind of thinking around here. There are too many sheep/Gucci clones on the farm, as it is.

Sleepless In Muscat said...


Thank you, I wish you the very same.


Been a long time haven't seen you on my blog. Hope you're well.

And yes, I agree with what you say.


You make it sound as if there isn't any of that kind of men around men even in your surroundings.