Saturday, June 02, 2007

this is where my heart gets off

I had mentioned a long time back on this blog that I had the intention to write up two new books that would go along with my previous books; Rapidly Blue & Wonderous World.

But this plan hasn't even seen the light of day since that time, God knows I have tried hard enough to look deep into my soul for the right ways to start that all over again.

Sadly, though, I am having to take back that initial 'intention' maybe until such an experience sparks my attention or perhaps maybe when I finally get inspiration all over again. But, as of now, this alert, this feeling of depth, this raw feeling of being sensitive has gone into hibernation.

This along with my heart's feeling of being lost in the wind are the only regrets that I can admit to.

I apologize dearly to all those who were anticipating my books.