Wednesday, June 06, 2007

brief break..

I will take a break by trying to sleep for some 8 hours or less.

I should have some new updates by the time I come back.

Meanwhile, don't hesitate to drop your comments, suggestions, queries or anything you feel you may need to share with the public here.
May God have mercy on us all..


Anonymous said...

Good luck, buddy. I hope you finally get that sleep you've been missing. In addition to suburban's comments, I'd like to suggest that you get all of your important documents together and put them in a watertight container with the rest of your kit.

Updated storm projections show Gonu skirting the Oman coast all the way to Muscat.

Long periods of intense wind and storm surge are far more dangerous than a quick hit and run. All that wind and water over a prolonged period really puts strain on a building. Things like house deed, car title and various insurance papers and identification should all go in the bag.

Thanks for keeping the rest of the world updated.


Anonymous said...

The storm is now set to go right over Muscat at category least it's not category 3. That destroyed New Orleans.

Anonymous said...

JazakAllahu khairan for this information.

May Allah bless the people of Oman and make them succeed in this test.

When such a disaster looms, people leave most of their material wealth and flee. They realize that most of the material things they had strived to obtain in their life is not worth it!

I pray that in the end people in Oman and all over the world draw closer to and increase their worship of their creator(Allah (swt).)

AlanfromBigEasy said...

Having evacuated New Orleans for Katrina and lived around hurricanes all mu life, I fear that Omanis do not respect what can happen.

1.5 km inland may not be enough. The seas will rise 1 to 2 m in Muscat with large waves on top of that. Heavy rains (I have seen 20 cm in 45 minutes and 50 and 60 cm in a day) can cause terrible flooding that will wash much away !

Check out the for some good analysis.

May God Bless You and all Omanis.

Alan Drake

Flee far inland if you still can.

Anonymous said...

Sleepless, I'm watching developments with great trepidation and hope you and all Omanis and Iranians and everyone else in the area keep safe as possible! God bless, and thanks for sharing with the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Please can you post an update.

Anonymous said...

not so sleepless after all. lol

Sleepless In Muscat said...


Thanks for tips. Even though I hardly slept because we had a few power outages.


Yes it has.

Although it has been very bad all through the night with nonstop rain and winds. Even as we speak.


Inshallah we will. Thank you.


Much of the residents near the shores have been evacuated as I heard to more inland areas and higher grounds.

Thank you for your concern.


Thank you for your concern. The storm is very much strong but I doubt it has reach the eye of the storm since we're all experiencing heavy rains and strong winds only.


I will.

Anonymous said...

Any update on how is the Muscat airport coping with the situation? Are all the flights getting cancelled?

Anonymous said...

Have you still got power/running water?

flowerchild said...

Just spoke to someone in oman. There is not power in most part (or all? I'm not sure). Phone lines might be disconected soon.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Anonymous-11:39 & flowerchild:

we had our power disconnected for 1 and a half hours just now. That's why I could not update about anything.

Thank you both for your concern.