Saturday, June 09, 2007

Gonu Relief Blog

In light of my attempts to get the information needed for the Omani, Arab and international community to know more about the relief efforts in the Sultanate of Oman - I have established a new blog along with Amjad under the simple title: Gonu Relief Blog.

The blog will mainly address how the efforts are going on towards the relief of the victims of the Gonu Cyclone that has recently torn the country apart.

We'll try as much as possible to keep the information up-to-date so please bare with us. We welcome all suggestions from anyone anywhere about how to meet such a goal.

I am trying to also get my hands on the bank account number that would help the people outside of the country to donate to the citizens and residents of Oman - so as soon as I get my hands on it; I will publish it.

Gonu Relief Blog is in it's very early stage of establishment as we continue to get all the information and process it to keep it in a neatly manner.

Please visit it and help us rebuild Oman..


Anonymous said...

Great Idea,
My only comment is that in order to reach to the Arab community, You need to write in Arabic. Do you need help in Arabic posts? I can write in Arabic and can translate the posts if you see this is suitable

Sleepless In Muscat said...

That's a great idea, actually. But in order for you to contribute I would need you to send me your blogger email address.

Please email it as soon as possible so that I may add you to the contributor's list.

Anonymous said...
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BuJ said...

Bless u guys.