Tuesday, June 05, 2007

updated news bulletin - part 5

Fortunately for the residents and citizens of Muscat the weather is a standstill with a lot of humidity but still no rain showers. The latest weather reports say that Cyclone GONU has in fact hit the Sharqiyah region with heavy rains and it is estimated that it would reach it's peak (i.e.: eye of the storm) in 3 hours time.

So far, there has no reports of any damage in the Wilayat of Sur where the rains are the heaviest since its downpour around 3:30pm this afternoon. It has been said that it has started to head for Ras Al Hadd and that along that it would come along the coastal area of the Gulf of Oman and ultimately into Iranian territory.

Cyclone GUNO has been reported that it would have 3 signs to idenitfy it; heavy rains, strong winds; and large waves. The eye of the storm is where the Cyclone will reach it's peak which would be around 200Kmph. It is hoped that the Cyclone would skew off it's path as it did with both the Masirah and Halaniyat Islands.

The weather beaurea headquarters of the Civil Aviation Services has said that if affected at all, that Muscat would only feel the wrath of heavy downpour exceeding 150mm in a 24 hour period while the entire length of the Cyclone is due to last for 3 days until Saturday morning. It is unsaid, though, if this period would exceed due to the length of the Cyclone's period.

The Cyclone will have an indirect impact on the neighboring GCC countries such as the United Arab Emirates - where in Fujairah it has already had its affect with heavy floods - The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, too along with Yemen in the south.

The police have urged the citizens of the Sultanate to stay at least 1.5 Km from the coastline and to change their residence by moving in with relatives or friends should they fear for their lives. The Police have also asked anyone in the country who fear the calamity to call up their emergency number 9999.

Stocking up on provisions is a good idea to stay away as much as possible out of harm's way and to keep everything that is needed at arm's length.

Please do not leave your home for any unnecessary reasons except if it is an emergency. You will be endangering yourself and the lives of others should you do so.

Lastly, Cyclone GONU should have some sort of effect on the weather in Muscat around 2am Wednesday early morning.
Please stay safe and stay in groups. Pray that this blows over peacefully.