Thursday, June 21, 2007

think different

The whole issue of going around seeking attention of other people is completely wack. Just look at Paris Hilton and what a brat she turned out to be.

No. Its the matter of the ill-choices that we are made to do these days that are getting on my nerves. We are stretched and stretched to the furthest yard of the yarn and what do we get at the end? Misery, depression and a whole lotta nothing - if you ask me.

Life's not easy - yeah, yeah, yeah. We all know that. But it doesn't have to be difficult either, does it now?

There are people on this planet that make choices - oh so many choices - because they have to satisfy the people around them and make them feel comfortable. And what do they get in the end? Total depressive feelings, that's what.

Don't get me wrong, I am not against guidance or anything. But have you ever considered that the love you show for the person whom you love the most would eventually push them away? Or is it your fantasy only that portrays that in the end they will appreciate what you did for them just because you were doing it out of love?

Get over it. This is the real world.

There's a great jungle out there and it's not sparing its sharp teeth for the museam anytime soon, I'll tell you that.

The mere fact that we are given choice upon birth should be the start of what our future would ever hold in for us. Whichever side we choose to be in. It's because of choice that we are here today. Its because of choice that we are who we are.

But it is because of fate that we get the blindfold taken off our eyes and see the world for what it truly is and who are friend, enemies and inconsiderate people there are who were in hiding.

'Seize the day' was a famous quote by Robbin Williams in the Dead Poet's Society movie. A drama about how a new English litreature teacher changed and evoltunized the teaching method in one school - just because he thought differently.

Apple, the famous computer hardware and software company evolved once upon a time - not so long ago - using the phrase ' Think Different' and pasting it onto a black and white picture of Einstein.

The question now that begs to ask is...

Are you going to be the leader or the follower of the pack?


Jawahir Jewels said...

ELLOO LONG TIME NOT C sorry was busy but how are u and the family after GUNO hope all well.....

a leader darling always have been

Sleepless In Muscat said...

we are all well, thank you very much.

hope the same for you.