Saturday, June 09, 2007

updated news bulletin - part 13: world coming apart?

Some of Oman's media houses have come back online and are showing startling facts and pictures of what has been dubbed as 'the worst is yet to come'.



- Oman Tribune: Gonu's worst is behind, worst is ahead

- Oman Tribune: Untold devastation

- Oman Tribune: Relief services arrive

- Oman Tribune: Flights services resume from Seeb Airport

- Al Shabiba: Malik bin Sulaiman: "Life is gradually coming back to normal; thank you for all the efforst." (in Arabic)

- Al Shabiba: Ministry of Internal Affairs opens Wali offices around-the-clock to direct citizens and residents (in Arabic)

- Al Shabiba: Continuity of relief efforts (in Arabic)

- Al Shabiba: Water services are back to neighborhoods in Muscat governate (in Arabic)

- Al Shabiba: Royal Oman Police employs stricter offences on hiking water tanker prices (in Arabic)

- The NewYork Times: Cyclone hits Oman, halting oil exports

- Al Shabiba: Rains and wadis in Samayil (in Arabic)

- Al Shabiba: Disconnection of electricity services in Dama'a (in Arabic)

- Al Shabiba: Cracked bridge in Bidbid (in Arabic)

- Al Shabiba: Total halt in services in Ja'alan, Al Kamil, Al Wafi (in Arabic)

- Al Shabiba: Cracked roads in Aawabi (in Arabic)

- Al Shabiba: Sur residents living difficult times (in Arabic)

For further updated news on the situation in Oman please click here.


Twister said...

Where is Times of Oman? Their website is not working, and the ePaper hasnt been updated as well...

Sleepless In Muscat said...


The Times of Oman has out since the day after Gonu had hit Muscat. I am guessing that it's got something to do with their power failure or probably water.

Give it some time to come back and it will.

Anonymous said...

Times of Oman started publication yesterday, though their website is not operational.

The paper's e-version, is working. Visit that instead.

BuJ said...

oh dear me.. inshalla kheir.. Are u in muscat now?

Sleepless In Muscat said...


Yes I am..