Wednesday, June 06, 2007

updated news bulletin - part 6: ground zero

It has just started to rain here in our area in the Muscat region for about 20-30 minutes with a strong breeze.

Since it is night-time, nothing can actually been seen at all.

We have told that such signs are the beginning of the storm's presence in the area. From hereon, it should be at least another 3-4 hours until it hit peak levels.

Rains here have been moderate to drizzly so far but haven't stopped since the minute they started.

There has been a report of grounding several airlines such as Oman Air, Gulf Air and Air India - but no such word about closing down the airport. These flights could take off in the morning and possibly moved to Salalah's Civil Airport, the report says. (Gulf News) has presented a very thorough report about the Cyclone that is set to change lives if it hits Muscat with full force - to read it, click here. Alternatively, you can watch the video that was posted on the same news site here.


Heathcare for Peace said...

Hi, I found your blog while searching for local news on Oman and Gonu. Best of luck to all and thank you for blogging about what is going on there so some of us in other parts of the world can know also. Getting news out is good. Best of luck.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Thank you for stopping by. We pray that this blow over soon.