Sunday, June 17, 2007

from me to you

I was supposed to write my 4th summer article today but I couldn't even start on it for some reason. Probably because of the circumstances that I am now living in after what had happened.

It seems to me that all the lights in the world have been dimmed and that there no longer lies a hope in the slim horizon.

I am trying so hard to continue writing on my blog but my fingertips will not assist me for the time being. I am forcing myself to pounce back at the keyboard. I feel like I am drained of all my soul and that I can no longer smile nor laugh nor nod at a whim or excerpt a flirt nor a joke.

And although this is the case with me now, I am confident that this will all by one day move on and just be a horrible memory that I would forget in time to come.

So if I don't write anything worth of writing on this blog - please forgive me.

But I will try as much as I can to keep the Gonu Relief Blog alive and kicking in the manner of being updated. Since it is suffering from ill-post-syndrome.

Rest assure that you will always find updated news about the relief efforts on that blog from me and my colleagues.


chiarina said...

hei! what's this bad bad mode!?!
Don't give up..never give anything..Be strong,please.
I know this is a very bad time time for all the Sultanate and for u..but don't allow bad thoughts to control yourself, as u don't allow to anyone to control your life.
Even if u are "sleepless", take a rest. Then start again ur daily life as before..more strong than before. Not only for the readers of ur blog, not only for ur, so beloved, country..but, most of all, for yourself.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Seems like I have a new blogger everyday here. LoL.

Thank you for these kind words. I really do appreciate your pushing me up 'spirit' - if there is such a thing that is called so. :P

It's no biggie. I know it's just a phase that this will also pass.

One day, it'll just be a memory. Right now, let me just soak it out.

Thanks again for your concern. :oD