Thursday, June 21, 2007

summer article #3

The article that I was supposed to publish on Sleepless In Muscat was sent to the folks at the Horizon newsletter in Sultan Qaboos University because they wanted something Gonu-related rather than the last article that I had submitted to them.

It has been passed onto me that they are still considering it but it seems that they will approve it for publishing.

As you all know, also, that the deadline is nearing in and the decision for me to take is to either stay with them as a columnist or let them go since they hold so much control over what kind of topics they publish and how unjustified it seems for me to be writing for them without pay.

The day of recommencement would be the 2nd of July, 2007.

I have yet to make up my mind about it.


tarala said...

you are not getting paid & not free to write what you wish to write
why stay with them?

Sleepless In Muscat said...


yes but on the other hand I am getting exposure and perhaps one day I may picked up by some global newspaper.

That is my dream.

flowerchild said...

hey've u been? how are things back in oman ?
So u write for the times huh? That's nice. But i've heard they tend to be very particular about certain what u mentioned..the subject and the content..i personally think a journalist or any writer should be given to freedom to write on what he chooses, expose what needs to be exposed. That, i think, is the whole point of the media and news . Wonder if u've already made ur decision? Looks like u more keen on the exposure as of now.

Sleepless In Muscat said...


Things in Oman are slowly getting back to normal. You can slowly check on that on the Gonu related blog on the right hand sidebar.

As for writing, yes. I have a very old dream of being an internationally well known writer. I hope to achieve it one day. But as you said, the local tabloids in Oman amongst which, the Times of Oman, does not give that chance because of certain laws in the country against freedom of speech.

If you look up in my post topics for each month you will see that I bitch a lot about it and I find it highly demotivating for anyone who wants to work in the information sector.

Hope you're doing great and thanks for stopping by. :o)