Saturday, June 30, 2007

well done Oman!

Congratulations to the Sultanate of Oman, to the Ministry of Regional Municipalties, Environment & Water and a big congratulations to the Environment Society of Oman.

We are all in so much debt to you.


The United Nations (the international body that I have never believed in) has taken the protected Al-Maha territory off their list of International Heritage Sites. That's why.

According to information sources here in the Sultanate of Oman, the UN has taken off the protected Al Maha territory off their list of the International Heritage Sites .

As the International Heritage Council took the action due to closing up more than 90% of the territory for real-estate development and the decrease of the numbers of surviving Arabian Maha from 450 numbers to an astounding population of only 65. This was mostly due to the wild hunting that still goes in that part of the country despite a Royal Decree that prohibits such an act.

Now there are only 4 pairs that are able to mate.

Source (in Arabic)


Modee said...

BRAVO! BRAVO! (i really hope you sense my sarcasm)
they didnt accept donations for gonu cause they thought it would be an embarrassment
now they get a HUGE embarrassment
i REALLY take my hat off in admiration to the great work they did for the oryx's.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear ..... :(
What a shame!

chiarina said...

..not the UN -fortunately, they dont have also this power- but UNESCO -even if in somehow is conneted-... here u can find more details on the UNESCO decision..


آمنة said...

Oh yes Well Done Oman
And not in sarcastic voice

What does matter more? Oman in the named list, or the oryx being taken care better in a smaller and more controlled area?

I think it's a matter of priorities. Oman was not able to take care of the oryx in the vast territory for some reason, and now it wants to correct the situation, Is this embarrassing?!

Sleepless In Muscat said...


I had posted something about why the Sultanate of Oman had not sought out international donations. Please refer to that before making any comments on that issue - Thanks.

Also, this issue is irrelevant to the current post.


Yes, it is. Isn't it?


The article I quoted refers to the UN and it doesn't say which exact body in the UN. That is how I based my sarcasim in this post.


Oman wasn't able to control the Oryx sanctuary was only one of the reasons given to me by a source - as a counter arguement - and there was also the issue of looking for oil in wells that are deep in that territory.

According to the source, they said that a lot of these endangered species have been pulled back into several of His Majesty's Royal Zoo to be taken care of and to breed.

The issue that I stand to mock about here is because the Sultanate took a very long time to regrow these animals and release them into the wild way way back and after that and after the Royal Decree that prohibits hunting these wild creatures, the numbers went down from 450 to 65.

And you're PROUD of that?


What part are you proud of? The fact that Oman set the controls and regulations but never enforced them rigiriously? Or what?

I don't accept this, at all. And I find it very sad that an NGO such as Environment Society Oman just stands there doing nothing about it. While it should take active measures even if it means turning itself into a proper active organization that stops atrocities.

آمنة said...

Proud that Oman is brave enough to take the step that is needed to take care of Oryx, not caring about the reputation of the UN list when it comes to the Oryx benifit.