Friday, June 29, 2007

last week to summer break


Can you smell that?

That, my friends is the hot summer breeze hitting at us and telling us that we are going to have one long siesta. At least, you folks.

But me?

No way hosay.

Because we only get 3 freaking weeks as a summer break. That's why.

I need to go to where there is snow and have an iceicle growing on my nose or something for God's sake.

Not stay here where the weather's warm more than you get sunshine in the North Pole.



Twister said...

At least u get to see summer...I wont be seeing summer at all this year...When I moved into Australia in February, it was cold in Oman...and now it's BRUTALLY cold in Melbourne (The cold wind has given me a throbbing headache today)....and when I head back to Oman in December (InshaAllah), it will be cold again in Oman...3 winters in a single year...

Sleepless In Muscat said...


I read once that it had reached 53 degrees celcuis here in Oman.

I don't want to melt.

I don't want to have michael jackson's nose.

Amjad said...

The weather these days is not as hot as how it was in the beginning of June.

Last week it actually used to be cloudy but still it was VERY HOT.

twister, hard luck! :-p

Sleepless In Muscat said...


That IS true. But I still find it very hard to go without at least two showers per day just to feel clean instead of greasy and sweaty.