Thursday, June 07, 2007

updated news bulletin - part 11: disaster media

I enlist below all the videos that I have managed to get my hands on from Omanforum members showing exactly what type of plight we are under right now along with a few pictures to detail the scenes that happened in the past event of Cyclone GONU.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

For those of you who fear for the lives of their loved ones, Oman TV is still offering around-the-clock bulletins about the situation where you can watch the online feed here.

UPDATE: All the Omani newspapers have stopped printing along with their online websites updating. So I have had to resort to international media.


- Gulf News: Cyclone damages Muscat roads

- Gulf News: 25 confirmed dead in Oman

- Gulf News: Expat's body fished out from Wadi

- Gulf News: Residents wake up to devastation


Prof. Goose said...

Our web community is following your plight...and we are all wishing you well.

Assalamu alaikum.

Anonymous said...

oman tv feed not accepting??

Spud said...

I'm glad to see you weathered the storm. Thank you for covering this story. You far outdid the mainstream media. Their coverage was horrible. Most of the USA has no clue the Persian Gulf was hit by a powerful tropical cyclone! Good luck to you!

BuJ said...

bless u guys.. bissalama lil jamee3.

Sleepless In Muscat said...


Thank you to you and all the web community.


It should be - try again.


Yes, I realized that when I check out some of the media on your side of the planet. The BBC were doing a good job covering it though. Hopefully, people will know about it more so they can contribute a helping hand in bringing our country to pre-Gonu days.

Thanks for stopping by. I bookmarked your blog - very interesting articles. Keep up the good work.


Inshallah Ameen ya Rab. :o)

Solafa said...

Sallam Sleepless,

I hope you and the family are safe and sound in there.

Alhamdulil-Allah my family are fine but with minore damages with the properties.

Still awaiting to hear from one memeber of the family who are trapped in Madinat Al-Nahdha.

I hope the rest of the people will come out of their trap soon and safe.

Allahum-ma a7fath-hum wa Eltuf

May Allah[swt] have mercy on those who lost their lvies in such a tragic way.

Sleepless In Muscat said...


I am hoping so, too. Inshallah we will survive the aftermath with just as much strong will as we have survived the storm.

Anonymous said...

hey sleepless... news from Sur ..just tricling in..communication is being restored.Pepole hu had been shifted to schoooles etc r safe with supplies to last a few more days.OMIFCO in sur also fine..

flowerchild said...

I am so glad the cyclone has passed. there has been a lot of damage done to the infrastructure. Glad that were was minimal loss of lives.
Good luck to you and all the people in oman.

PS: left u a thank you note on my blog :)

Sleepless In Muscat said...


Thank you for that wonderful news. Hope we can restore peace to the people who have relatives in that area's minds, inshallah.


Yes, we survived - thank God for that.

And thank you for mentioning me along with Amjad on your blog. That was very kind of you.