Monday, October 02, 2006

Keeping The Devil At Bay

It's said that during the Ramadhan period, that the Devil clan is chained up, sent to Hell behind locked doors until the end of the month.

Literally looked at, it's an excellent opportunity for anyone who has sinned during the past to ask for forgiveness and remorse on what is upcoming. But to what end is it really true that a person's devious personality is hidden for a full 29/30 days?

We all know that no one person in this world is born perfect. Nor are they born good or bad. The fact states that whatever environment or upbringing - the child, then - has had plays a very vital role into shaping a person's future and outcome. Hence, it also plays a role in shaping the type of personality - good or bad - this person may have. This is highly due to a person's choice and the mysterious hands of fate and what options it may lay out.

A chance to change your future is as much a fantasy as it is in the movies, though. But not far fetched. So the chance to do this in Ramadhan by asking for forgiveness is something that is destined to happened by God's hands if He should will it.

Imagine a person fasting away during the whole daytime but cursing away like nobody's business at every Tom, Dick & Harry. This dis-functional person would most certainly not be attainable of this forgiveness - unless God should will it.

Everyone has their own personality and to it they owe themselves to prove that they are worthy of God's mercy upon us in this holy month by addressing the issue of keeping our 'inner devils' at bay during the period, and if at all possible, our whole lifetime.

God may have sent the Devil clan away on a vacation during the holy month, yet this does not mean that we have every excuse to do what we want unholy since there is the inner self that proposes everything bad to our very selves every second of the day.

Keeping your personality, your devil and your inner self is a battle that was meant for mankind to suffer until Judgment Day.


your man in al ain said...

thanks for the cartoon - made my day.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

glad to be of service..


bluewaves said...

Yea, i liked de image too :)

Sleepless In Muscat said...


so you both only liked the image?

I wonder..

bluewaves said...

Haha, i wanted 2 comment on de topic, but i 4got.
True, Ramadhan many ppl try 2 sieze de opportunity n approach Allah n do good deeds,, Reading Quran, 5atem El Musahaf, .....n many other things.
But we shud we keep doing them even after da holy month sa7!

Sleepless In Muscat said...

that's a very true statement..