Sunday, October 08, 2006

Rewards, Reapings & Rapture


Muscat's humidity level is sizzling, I have to tell you. It must have been 100% today if not 200%.


But on a more serious note, my bad side is trying to overcome me again and I am doing my utmost best to control it because it is just bad feeling this way. Like I am out of control. A feeling of confidence. A feel that everything is supposed to go the way you hoped and wished it would.

Keeping it inside is a business on it's own, that I have to admit.

So I am trying my best to find a part-time thing to get my mind busy in the meanwhile. Something that will engage me into anything else than this depressive mode of thinking and personality.

I already have something that I am working on but I won't announce it now, yet. I'll announce it when the the other party has given me the permission since it is more business orientated.

On another hand, though, there is some good news that has come out today which is of the past - remember that song that a friend of mine had composed to sell through for several Omani charitable associations? Well, ever since the UN tossed his project aside, he had worked out a deal to get it privately funded and drive it off the shelves with no profits gained whatsoever. The singer/writer/composer behind I'm Innocent said that the CD will be ready this week to be sold for 2 rials each at almost everywhere you could think of buying anything (if that makes any sense)..

Just be sure to be on the look out for it at any Shell Select, Al Maha Souq, or Oman Oil quick-store. All proceeds will go directly towards Omani charitable associations in all their categories.

So, show us your Ramadhan spirit, people.