Monday, October 09, 2006

Trick or treat

I hate it when you see a person and that you know and that person knows who you are and just walks by. It's like you don't exist for that specific reason. Like you didn't matter. Then what's to stop you from being bad and mean to that exact same person you know of for the rest of their life?

Absolutely nothing but your your conscience - 'let your conscience be your guide' runs in your mind like a broken record.

Imagine that you're somewhere and you both know each other, and you're all set to say your greetings, yet there is no gesture from the other side - so you stay in your frozen up position, feeling confused, angry, and perhaps even sad.

There is just no getting over that. Especially when you meet that person all of a sudden again with someone you know and they make it look like nothing happened on that day.

So what choice do you have but to play along and try not to turn it into a childish situation whereby you don't greet the other party for that reason. Unfortunately, this is what happens with me most of the time. If not all the time, except when I am with my friends. I know for a fact I didn't earn that behavior from certain people which I cannot name. And I know I am far better than them just because I don't degrade myself to that level.

But don't think for one second that if I do go around smiling and greeting - for example, where it was you - that I had forgotten the whole situation. Never. 'Absolutely', as Mohammed Sa'ad would once say in one of his movies.

I may glow up in smiles.

I may be all nice.

But I am no dope to trickeries.


bluewaves said...

i was in such situation many times, when i was student @ uni....ppl will ignore me.
so i will juz do da same. coz u cant b nice 2 sum1 isnt sa7.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

it's not a matter of people ignoring you. it's a matter of someone you know very very well and they know you whether they were your family or friends and not even greeting you after not seeing you for a very long period of time..

thats what this is all about

bluewaves said...

well, if sum1 didnt greet or talk 2 me n acting like didnt c me, then my frend its called ignoring u.
convinced yet?!

Sleepless In Muscat said...

there are different people with different circumstances..