Wednesday, October 04, 2006

On a day like today; the sun shines away

I never knew that going out on a morning was a serious health hazard - mentally.

Slow traffic everywhere. Road works. Police interfering with traffic jams that they construct. And people who think they own the road enough to drive your blood pressure all the way up. If I had been fasting I would have broken it by now because of those factors.

But it ended up 'all good' in the end after glistening in the hot car atmosphere with the A/C on high and seeing my family at the end of the working day.

I roamed around to look what kind of business opportunities that could be sought into our area after that small round in Qurum and I may have thought up one or two that could be successful (and of course I am not going to give up the details here unless someone was to send me a money transfer of say.. at least half a million Omani Rials :P).

This reminds me, have any of you applied for a piece of land through the post office back when the 'offer' was still standing? I had applied a long time back, the names keep getting published but neither mine or a few friends of mine have had theirs published yet. I remember that it said on the form should there be any need for any follow up matters that the Ministry of Housing, Electricity & Water would contact the individual on the phone number provided by the applicant. I had heard a rumor that this was not the case, and that you should contact the post office you applied through to see if your name appears in a list for those who have their applications rejected. I'm hoping that mine isn't on that list should it exist.

For all you fitness buffs, Adam's Fitness Centre at MQ is on the verge of re-opening with the efforts of a few members and one or more trainers after having changed it's management and permanent location to the Ras Al Hamra club at PDO. It seems that there is a strong will to have it open here at its old location since it is more convenient than somewhere else no one is familiar to the atmosphere and ambiance that surrounds it. I guess they should have thought about that subject before making the bold move without telling their members.


Noors said...

The Adam's problem is a bit more complicated than that.

As for telling members, it wasn't up to the staff, and things were a blur, but as soon as it was a bit clearer, a lot of members were told (I know about the ladies anyway) a few days in adavnce when they wanted to stop the classes as they continued for sometime even though the gym itself was closed, but I agree, it should've been announced far earlier.

We'll see what happens.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

It was the Adam's management responsibility towards the members of the fitness centre to tell everyone who chipped in of any development that would affect them in anyway..

Noors said...

The staff were clueless of what was going to happen, that's why they couldn't do anything early enough.

Everyone is going to get their money back. They're contacting people I think, and as for classes, a lot of us got our money back from classes we didn't use on our aerobics cards.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

And so they should..

(members getting their money back)