Monday, October 16, 2006

Last Night

Yesterday night I wasn't able to blog much because I was busy with reading a few pages of a book called Mfateeh Al Jinan. Which is basically a book that holds all the prayers for any occasion or celebration or incident that could ever happen to mankind to help overcome whatever it is.

Yesterday was a special night in Ramadhan, which is the reason why I grabbed the book. It was one of the nights that holds the potential to be Laylat Al Qadr.

I started on the section around 12am because I had gotten the prayers mixed up so obviously I had to start all over again by the time I found the right ones. The purpose of this 'ritual' is to stay up reading the prayers and ask God for forgiveness whilst hoping the whole the He would.

I finished reading my 'part' by the time it was around 1am.

I couldn't open my eyes after that hour and just went to sleep..