Sunday, October 01, 2006

Where Satisfaction Ends

Everyone's their own set of aspirations in their respective lives. And everyone has their own ambitions. Whether you want to be a doctor, or a fireman, a pilot or even a writer.

But the difference between those and other 'ambitions' is the standard; there are personal and there are professional or what we tend to call 'career thoughts'. What the sets the two apart is the need for such things in our lives and their priority level, whether they are needed to set our lives in a straight or curvey line.

We all know that once attained, personal ambitions are merely a stepping stone onto a new one in life due to any circumstance, but what about the professional ambitions? What about the goals we set for ourselves in life that cause us to forget about our life completely and focus entirely on the one thing in mind that matters - in our perspective of life - the most?

The red line that is drawn for our career ambitions often takes us on a wild ride until we are caught in the wind and left alone to our lonely thoughts of peril and gloom which over-ride our senses to panic and halt in the middle of the aspirational highway.

Not neglecting the need for ambtions in our lives, the need to live life from time to time is as much needed as we need air to live.

We need a breather every now and then.