Sunday, October 15, 2006

Return of The Blue Ribbon Woman

She opened the window letting in the winter air
Gazing at a star, says while she stared
I wonder if he is really out there?

Putting her hand on her heart
Feeling her heart beat away
Surrender thy emotion and come here to stay

He'd pass in the street
Lonely in it's dark shadows
Thinking of what to expect tomorrow
Thinking of what it is to do with his feeling of sorrow

Looking up at the sky, so high
The moon lit up so bright
Shedding a tear in the corner of his eye
He wished for a chance to start over again his life

What they both didn't know
What they both didn't seek
Was the hope of another tomorrow
That their footsteps would once to, lead

A few years on
Separated by circumstances
They lived on
To see life as it is

Passing by with his friends at a gathering
He glanced her and his heart missed a beat
He couldn't believe his eyes
It was the same woman he thought he saw a long time back
The only one with a blue ribbon on her hair
All he could do was gasp

Maybe it was just coincidence
Maybe it was meant to be
Whatever it was
He longed for those deep brown eyes, the passion that within them lies; dare yet again life to trip him by the knee