Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Only You Can Make Me Feel This Way

I don't understand what it is that's got me hooked onto you
I would just love to know

Is it your smile?
Is it your personality?
Is it the way you always
Make me want to be me?

I'm glad as ever, ever since I have gotten out
I'm over the moon for my new life
I really am cherishing my life as if it's all turned anew
And this time it's got nothing to do with you

But I question myself everytime I'm on my own
Say, that I do succeed in what I am about to venture onto
Say, that I do get along and taste the fruits of all my past labor
Who am I to share it with?
Who am I to be happy about it with?
Whom, is it, will I be staring into their dark eyes - brown, not blue?

I would love nothing but to get on with my life
But life isn't a life without someone such as you
To compare you
Would be comparing the world to your eyes
Your presence
Your smile

Forgive me
I try to conceal what I feel inside
But I can't
When it's you all I can think about


bluewaves said...

Love is Blind eh!