Tuesday, April 03, 2007

any volunteers?

The group I assembled to work on the project for the similar 'Red Nose Day' fund-raising event is having a major hiccup because everyone seems to be busy in their business; job; or own project.

So I am opening the door to people who would like to have a role in make such a fund-raising event a day that would be remembered for ayons.

The most essential characteristics would be:
- Great time-management skills.
- Good communication skills.

Other key features that need to be included:
- Languages: English (both reading and writing), Arabic would be a plus.
- Nationality: can be any nationality, it doesn't matter.
- Experience in dealing in Public Relations.
- Valid driving license.
- Preferably between the ages of 20-30. But will not obstruct in the face of talent that is either younger or older.

Please bear in mind, that since this is a charity project, the entire scheme of things is voluntary therefore, there would be no payment whatsoever, as payments is the happy smile you see on a child's face. Lame; yes, I know. But these are my rules.

One more thing, this fund raising event will be to raise money for the NACA - National Association for Cancer Awareness in Azaiba.

So, do you feel you have it?

Email me (click on the link on the right hand side blog roll - 'email me') or leave a comment here expressing your interest and your experience in terms of qualifications.

deadline: 14th April, 2007 - 5pm