Saturday, April 21, 2007

Oman Tribune mocks BBC reporters' kidnapping

"Johnston is privileged. In life or death, he will be revered as a hero. If he is alive and is freed from captivity, he is destined to sit on a mound of money for telling his story. And if his murder is confirmed, paeans will be sung in praise of him and his heroism. Members of his family may not have to worry about their financial security. The BBC no doubt will contribute generously towards their welfare. Other too may pitch in to help."

This is what the Oman Tribune writer Mr. Raphael feels as he writes in the local newspaper about the incident that has occurred over a month ago that involved the kidnapping of the BBC reporter Mr. Alan Johnston.

He - Mr. Joyce Raphael - feels that there is some sort of predijuice against Third World country journalists versus that of the already Developed country journalists. Where such cases would include media hype and over reaction towards their own reporters but amidst the dying flames, no one is to care about the other few hundred journalists that had died in the Philippines, Iraq, for instance, to name a few.

Apparently, what this columnist in the Oman Tribune asks for is quite clear, as he states;

"The western media monopolies have to grasp a single sacred truth: All journalists are fighting the same battle. They cannot leave some to the vultures and put others on a pedestal."



- Western Predijuice by Joyce C. Raphael