Saturday, April 28, 2007


I've noticed quite a change in my style of 'posting' on my blog (i.e.: Sleepless In Muscat).

I've become more obsessed with the news about the world, which, although is something commendable, it is also somewhat influencing my thinking pattern by closing up other creative avenues for me like my old posts which include poetry; my often rant about my own life; and my other time to time focus on local worries that I tend to raise that are in no way related to the news in the local newspapers.

I'm starting also become more aggressive than I was before, and I'm not just talking about when I am online posting or otherwise. I have become more or less someone who is, as the phrase would be; more possessive over the right to be just that - being right. That whenever I am confronted with something, my immediate reaction would be to deny it completely. That I would defend my opinion to the point where I would shove my own foot into my mouth so far, I could feel coming out of my own ass. Something that is just not too comfortable for me.

And although I have become more and more occupied with my college and my part time odd jobs here and there (that I have yet to announce, of which will come at a later stage), I still find the time to blog but I feel as if it is become just about that - just to blog. It's like, gone the days whereby I used to blog for the feeling that it would give me, the sense and joy from just ranting on one issue or just the need to express how I felt at that specific time or whatever it was.

I guess I'm not enjoying it that much anymore. Maybe because I am considering more of a chore more than it would be a hobby; again, something I am not too comfortable with.

Starting now, I am reviewing my entire blog for further development into the future to get back to the roots that it started it out to be the success holder back in the old days.

Starting also now, I will stop posting videos from YouTube unless it would be something about Oman that I would personally record. I am sorry to the others that feel this is a wrong decision to be taking but I feel that video posting on a blog just does not define the actual term of blogging unless it speaks about a certain issue that I feel is worth posting about. If any of you have any suggestions as to how I could make this blog a better one, feel free to drop a comment here.

And just in case those who don't have nicknames or blogger accounts feel discouraged that they can't post anything here, I am glad to announce that anonymous posting is back and here to stay. However, I will delete any comment I see that deviates from the topic and leans towards slander and insults. You guys have a chance; use it well.



Per Your Request said...

Its your personal outlet, do as you please. Ill keep on reading.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Per Your Request:

True. But there's gotta be something that itches you a bit here, right? I mean, you can't truly like everything that comes up on the blog?

Or do you..?

Per Your Request said...

Your right, some items are more of my interest than others. This does not mean that I still dont look forward to what else you have to say.
Variety is what keeps me visiting. For instance, I am not a fan of poetry, and know I cant contribute or understand it. Thats why I dont visit your other site. However, when you post one here, I still read it.

Also their is nothing wrong with being passionate about your own point of view, but I agree that nothing gets accomplished if everyone is fighting just to be right.
Good luck with your new approach (or old).

Anonymous said... make me laugh

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Per Your Request:

Thank you :o)


Could you elaborate as to why?