Thursday, April 05, 2007

is it too late?

So, finally Iran has come to its senses and released the British Navy crew.

One is, though, pushed to ask: what was the deal with the whole incident? Why even make such a dumb move that would only endanger the entire Middle Eastern region into nuclear warfare?

Was it a desperate attempt to seek attention from the international community? Was it to give both the UK and the USA a message that Iran does not care about what they can or cannot do no matter how many troops they might sent to the Arab and Persian Gulf?

Was it even ever in their intent to bring them in, in the first place?

So many possibilities, yet, the outcome is still one: Iran took full advantage of the situation at holding back any further development in the war path they seem to be heading down to - whether this is the case with the Persian people, is at disregard because no matter how dumbfounded a government maybe you cannot hold the same mistakes upon it's people because it had no choice but to follow or else face dyer consequences - take Iraq, for example.

Times are now both crucial and of the critical categorization because what happens in the new few weeks shall change the demography of the Middle Eastern history altogether for a lifetime for all of us.

May we all get through this in one intact piece.



- Iran releases British sailors