Saturday, April 14, 2007

Let Me Lie To Myself

Everyone and everything in my life
Has had some sort of effect on me
The will; the power
A choice; not an option - imposed on me

Let me lie to myself
That my life is wonderful
That the sun shines outside everyday for me
And that the world around me is as pink as a baby bath's bubble

I wake up everyday
To the grief and the naked truth
Destruction. Mayhem. Possession of one's very soul.
But no one gives a damn; they just want to be subdued

Let me lie to myself
That the sky is clear blue
That the oceans are zodiac green
The love; the passion
Everyday we recieve

Let me lie to myself
And laugh away the fears
The options that I've always been given
All throughout my younger years

After all
We live in a world of deceit
Where we smile at disaster
And embrace the pain
Push away the love
And happily cut our very veins

Let me lie to myself
So that I may live


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