Monday, April 02, 2007

what gives?

Apparently, I have people talking about me behind my back, in a matter of speaking and I didn't know about it until tonight (today, or when-ever you're reading this).

There's been three posts about me, and I haven't quite understood if they were of a supportive or a negative nature.

Perhaps, you could help me out.



- Balqis in Wonderland: Dear Kishor

- Balqis in Wonderland: My Views

- Balqis in Wonderland: (The views expressed are solely those of the author and do not reflect the views of


Per Your Request said...

Im struggling as well. It seems that the issue is the disclaimer not your thoughts.
Im assuming though!

Balqis said...

I was not talking behind your back
Just my opinion on press policies and that disclaimer gave me chance to express my views
That's all
Now true that my English sAx but I thought it was clear

Balqis said...

Was supportive :)

Anonymous said...


you write in a local newspaper/website/whatever.

You express your views.

Some might agree, some might not.

You wont always be right and you wont always be wrong.

People have a right to agree or disagree just like you had the right to express yourself.

Dont act childish by calling it 'talking about me behind my back'. This is part of the package and you should expect it coming. This time Balqis was with you, maybe tomorrow Khalfan will be against you.

Be prepared. Be open to give and take.

Balqis said...

He probably didn't understand my stand cause I took the chance to express many other thoughts going far from the issue
Is something am discussing since long time with mr Cariappa so who is not following our debates on blogs, can't fully understand what it was about
It was not only on his article
No need to be harsh
He has all the reasons to be confused cause I have this habit [not only only when I write] to start in Rome and to end up in Australia
Am a confused thinker :p

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Per Your Request:

I didn't know that, because she had said in one of the posts, 'read the article' and pointed out something in it and said 'you did not think so?'


When I said 'talking behind my back' I never meant it in a backstabbing way. It's just that when someone is talking about me I expect that I should be told about it instead of me having to find out about it through

And thank you for your support :o)


You seem to be pretty full of yourself these days. Did you go and establish your own blog? Did you establish an identity? What MORON let you out of YOUR cage?

There's a saying 'if you like the garbage so much, then you should be its friend'. I suggest you do just that. From now all anonymous comments will be deleted and neglected unless you establish an identity and a blog to be referred back to

Balqis said...

This new article disclaimer I approve : I wouldn't want police everywhere to check and also Times of Oman probably :p