Tuesday, April 17, 2007

free Alan Johnston

It is absurd to even think that someone has gone to provide pain for anybody else in the world through disaster or mayhem than to have kidnapped someone very dear to them just because they were doing their job.

Alan Johnston is the BBC Gaza Correspondent since 2004 and was due to finish his work there by the end of March, 2007 for a safe return to his home in Scotland, UK. Unfortunately, though, he was abducted for over a period of one month ago and since then no news has been given about his whereabouts or his welfare.

His parents are both worried sick about his health status. His colleagues at the BBC office in London had staged a rally in support of his case to call out to his kidnappers for an immediate release. People all over the world have joined in to make his cause the number one priority.

And although it has not been verified; there has been news that his so-called abductors - the Tawhid and Jihad brigades - had already 'carried out a death sentence' on him in exchange for the release of their fellow Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.

Now, let's take a small look at this situation, here..

I am an Arab and I do not approve in the very least of what had happened in the very beginning of kidnapping an innocent person that has no relation to the issue between the Palestinians and the Israelis in the first place; let alone that he is a man of the media which only serves their image as a very bad reflection of the Palestinian cause to the world over no matter how this may end with all our hopes that Mr. Johnston comes out this alive, healthy and safe by God's grace.

The least we as bloggers can do is to spread the message in honor and tribute of our brother in media and make it well known that none of us will go down as cowards in the face of threat against our very lives.

Sign the online petition to help save Alan Johnston's life; so that he may return to his family - safe and sound.



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