Wednesday, April 11, 2007

what started it all

The reason why you see me so damn pissed off these last few days at some certain people is because I had sent off two articles to them and they both got rejected on grounds being 'sensitive'.

The first of the two; that I list below, just displays the way that I think about certain unthinkable subjects or topics you would see elsewhere in the Sultanate's media in any form.

I urge you all to take a read at it and tell me what you all think about it and based upon that what your opinion is as to why it was rejected.

Your opinions are highly appreciated.


Freedom of Expression

Last year, a Royal Decree was issued stating that it is within the rights of any citizen or national of the Sultanate of Oman to express what they feel but in a peaceful manner so as not to disrupt the common daily practice of other people's lives or turn 'the situation' into a turmoil.

The move was hailed by all from the standard public citizen to the high-end local media owners, here in Oman. But, the happiness was cut-off by the Minister of Information's declaration that it does 'not allow certain stories to be published because the Omani public is still not ready to be in that open a position'. Or so it is said.

Freedom of expression may have its own set of pros and cons; being that it would eliminate the invisible security cloak that the Omani public is hooded under. It would also help the governmental and private institutions – alike – to become more transparent in its operations, its validity and loyalty from consumers and customers would both grow because people would see that these institutions are going out in the brink to serve them in terms of services, products, and news (whether or not they are listed in the Muscat Securities Market is a different issue altogether, though).It would, ultimately, lead to a more open and truth-seeking society about issues that are involved internally.

But, as with all types of change, it is a two edged sword; thus the issue of freedom of expression has to be dealt with clarification of certain rules and regulations that would regulate the information sector and in specific news in the media industry from newspapers, magazines and such.

So, what then, is the judgment to be passed down on the freedom of expression act that has been enforced?

I leave unto you, to conclude.