Tuesday, April 10, 2007

why would I close this blog?

I'm hoping one day I will one day leave blogging for good.

I had hoped, when I started off, to try to make it clear to everyone that I am to set the path that none of the Omanis; moreover, the entire country; to a clear cut either black and white.

It is unfortunate that I am being set down to the standard of a low level writer to write about general issues such as life, relationships and the such without laying a finger on what the true problems in our Arab world, let alone Oman are.

I have had to adhere to such circumstances should I want to continue as a columnist in a local newspaper that I offer my contributions to - and without pay, may I add.

The ironic thing about this whole change from one standard to another is the fact that there are people who talk about worst things politically and locally that address such serious issues related to the Omani population in general with great confidence but as a beginner writer you would not be allowed to touch such topics just because they are deemed sensitive.

What is even more ironic is that I thought that the laws of the country apply to everyone in this vast land that God has offered us as mankind, yet I wake up to find out that some laws are passed out intensively whereas others - while they are issued on pieces of paper and published in the local media - are very unlikely followed just because no one is challenged enough to to do it or because others have their own personal benefits at stake and at a moment's threat will make the necessary move.

This is where my heart is now torn.

For as much as I love to write, I would rather talk about issues that matter to every woman, child and man than about issues that children in the kindergarten can do better at than I.

I am trying as much as I can to focus on the positive side here to stay sane instead of losing all logic and losing out in a one-man-battle that I couldn't possibly ever survive. That still doesn't mean that I have given in. It only means that I have been temporarily phased out - that's all - until a solution breaks out.

So, am I seriously considering closing down the blog because of this only reason?

The answer to that question would be: no.

Since I am to start a few other things along the way with the course in mind I would become extremely busy with my life's chores that I would need to keep in focus the priorities and leave out everything else that would cause or act as a distraction.

So, for that reason, you may see this blog one day deleted altogether.